Judge when it is time to replace sprocket

Do I replace it with the chain or can I judge it visually?

what type of chain and what type sprockets?

If you replace worn chain with new sprockets, sprockets will soon wear, If you replace worn sprockets with new chain, the chain will wear at an increased rate..Change them all together other wise it is false economy. If your buget will allow fit a high quality O ring it saves a lot of maintance and lasts a whole lot longer.

This method works fairly well. Go to your rear sproket. Grab the chain in the middle. Try to pull it away from the sproket. If you can see more than 1/2 a tooth, trash everything.

You can get better chain and sproket life by changing the front sproket about 1/2 wat through the cycle. I usually change my front at 6 months, the complete assembly yearly.

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