YZ426 Brake Problems

I have a 2001 YZ426 and have a really mushy front brake. I know this is fairly common for these bikes. I have tried bleeding it many times and still is pathetic when compared to my buddies CR. Does the CR style brake cable help this situation? If so who should I buy the cable from, there is a fastline cable listed here in the store but when you check to see if you can get a price it says that the item no longer exsists. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The mastercylinder from the CR is the key. It makes a giant difference. My brakes are much better with the CR m/c.

Braided steel line and CR routing will do wonders. I have an 04 YZ450 and could never get it bled to my liking because of the line routing.

I have the fastline brake lise as well. It may have helped some. It is easier to blead and looks better.

The cr m/c's are on ebay for 30.00 or so. You can use the cr m/c and all stock parts. If bled properly, you'll end up with one finger brakes. The cost cannot be beat. It si less money than Yamaha wants for a rebuild kit.

It is odd that the internal m/c parts will switch from m/c to m/c. Somehow the shape of the honda part makes all the difference.

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