Plastic scratches

I crashed my xrl today and theres a bunch of big scratches on my plastics! :)

Is there any way to make them diseapear? (Totally or in part). I was thinkin of wet sanding!


Sand your big scratches with 200 grit sand paper if they're big & deep, then with 400, then with 600. If you still have some patience after using 600 grit sand paper, then also sand with 800 grit, but 600 is usually good enough for most people.

Your plastic will look dull and scratched afterwards :D, but don't fret nun because yer not dun yet :D. Now apply four coats of Mop & Glo (yes, the floor stuff) and allow each coat to dry ~5 minutes between applications. If you're happy enough with what you see, then your done. If you want even more sheen and an even better finish, then buff it with some 00 steel wool and apply a couple more coats of Mop & Glo.

After your done you'll be wanting to do the rest of your plastic because it will look that good :D:) :)

Fuel will wash off the Mop & Glo and you'll need to re-apply it from time to time if you want to keep it looking that good, but your bike will look incredibly good after your done, especially if it was looking a bit weathered or scratched before hand. I've done this on many bikes over the years and people are always amazed at the before & after results.

thanks a lot Quadsan!! I'll try it and I'll post some before/after pictures!

Just don't be alarmed when the plastic begins to look worse while sanding it because that's normal and freaks out some people at the beginning. Even after 800 grit, it will be smooth, dull and not so pretty, but the mop & glo coatings on the smooth sanded plastic will put a smile on your face :)

is there a particular method or tool to apply the mop & glo?

thanks again!

ps .. congratz for 3000 posts :):):D:D:D:D

I used the commercial Plastic Renew. Worked very well. Some claim MopNGlow works as well but I've never tried it. Get some good grade of wet/dry sandpaper at your automotive paint store. It is reusable and lasts a long time. Drape the area around the bike with some plastic drop cloths or old towels because it gets wet. Also, cover the tires or other areas of the bike in the vicinity of your work. This saves clean up later. I had "Honda red"

tires and rims and everything else because I didn't think to cover stuff up first. Just a little tip. And if your really anal you can sand it down to 2000 grit like I did. 'Course I belong in a straightjacket anyway. :)

is there a particular method or tool to apply the mop & glo?

thanks again!

ps .. congratz for 3000 posts :):D:D:D:D:D

Wow :worthy:, that 3000 number crept up on me and I never would have noticed it until sometime afterwards, so thanks for pointing it out :)

You can simply apply mop & glo with a cloth. Don't polish it on or do swirls and don't try rubbing it in, etc. Just wipe it on with a straight one way action as opposed to going back and forth.

I've also tried Plastic Renew and still have some left in addition or Novus, Meguires, Plexus, 3M, Brillianize and various other plastic polishes that I've tried over the years, but a little sanding work with some mop & glo does wonders for bike plastics that will get scratched again and again. Mop & glo contains some of the same types of acrylic resins, acrylic acid polymer / copolymers & plasticizers to disperse the polymers as some of the other plastic care products, but at a fraction of the cost. The other propducts also work very well and in fact the Plastic Renew intructions have you stop at 400 grit as your final sanding step. If I was colorsanding the paint on one of my cars, I'd also be using 2000 grit, but 600 seems like a good ending point for most folks which is beyond the Plastic Renew recommendation and 800 grit will probably be fine for 99% of the very picky people. If you don't like what you see, you can always wipe off the mop & glo or Plastic Renew with some fuel, sand it down further, mop & glo, buff, etc. If your bike is going to be shown at a National level beauty contest and perfection is a must for the judges or if you're the perfect of perfectionists, then you may want to progressively sand up to 2000 grit :D

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