tell me what i did wrong

03 wr 450

Drained the oil from crankcase, metal strainer on frame, and down where the line leads back into crankcase. Put 1.25 qt into crankcase.. Rode it around the yard for less than 5 min. Let it sit for 30 min.. Pulled dipstick and it overflows oil out the dipstick tube.. I am new to the 4 stroke.. A cr500 man at heart.. I need help.

By the way the manual says use an SG rated oil, anyone know what that means? I looked at the auto parts store as an alternative, and couldn't find any oil that was SG rated. I saw a bunch of guys use what seems to be regular automotive oil, and I'm pretty sure it's not rated for the bike. But appearently it must not matter, or bad stuff would be happening to their engine by now.. Right?

Chris :)

Why did you put 1.25 quarts in it when the manual calls for only 1.1 with a filter change? :) Did you drain the crankcase? It's not usually much, but that little bit and the excess you put in would be enough to cause an overflow.

You didn't hurt it. Just put less in next time.

Don't worry. Get your hands oily again... unscrew the drain plug till about a quarter pours out and readjust.

To adjust: put a little, stick check, put a little, stick check..... until oil marks right between min and max on the stick. Let the bike idle for a minute. Check again. If it's not OK, start over again and add some oil, stick check...

Do I need to tell you your bike should be on a ground that's about flat to check oil. :)

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