Floating front disk- How much freeplay is acceptable

Hi All,

My WR 426 has done 13,000km.

When the front wheel is locked on by the brake there is approximately 5mm of freeplay when the wheel is rotated in it’s direction of motion, at the outer limit of the knobby.

All of this freeplay exists in the circular spacers that form the floating disc (between the disk itself and attachment to the hub).

I expect that the freeplay is slightly less with a hot disk, but it seems excessive. From those who had had experience with this:

- Can the floating disk be repaired remove the freeplay?

(ie. pressing back out the spacers)

If not then obviously sourcing a replacement is the only option… seems like this is premature wear on a floating disk, however once the freeplay develops I expect that it would accelerate quickly.



No you cant repair it. 5mm (.200") is way too much play. Most likely your wheel spacer and brake caliper are not lining up the way they are supposed to. The rotor should barely move during the free spinning by hand. 1mm tops.

Something is wrong IMO. :)

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