HELP! Prices on tanks and seats

I'm finally going to convert my 99WR4 tank and seat over to the YZ type. One of my local yamy dealers quoted $140.00 for the Clark tank, $150.00 for Yamaha OEM YZ seat. Best he could do on the IMS tank was $185.00. I also see that I can get the IMS seat for $125.00 from their catalog.

Can I get better prices elsewhere for the YZ tank and seat combo, if so let me know.....Thanks..Tim


99 WR400




I have the seat foam & cover from my IMS conversion - it's for sale if you're interested. I switched to GUTS tall foam & cover since I'm 6'4". The IMS stuff has one ride on it - 300 miles in Mexico. No cuts or rips, just a little discolored - the blackish kind of thing where you sit. I think you can get the tank & seat base (no foam or cover) from IMS.

send me an email if you're interested.


If you race you might consider making a resume and sending it out to different companies. I have done just that the last two years and was surprised at the responces that I recieved from different companies. Support can range from discounts to free stuff. If you do go this route remember that he companies are making an investment in you and that they expect that you will help promate thier products.

I would reccommend the Clarke tank because you can get it in neutral so you can see your fuel level and the plastic that it is made out of doesn't allow vapors to escape as fast as the IMS tank. This means that even if you went with a blue tank and wanted to get a graphics kit that it would stay on longer. The IMS seat is the way to go. Definitely cheaper than stock and just as strong.

Brian Meadows has been telling everybody he is 6'4". When I ran into him in Moab, I noted he was wearing a childs medium jersey. This should tell you how tall he really is. My guess he is 4'2".

C'mon Bri, quit the 6'4" stuff. There is no reason (well maybe there is...???) to be afraid to tell the truth here. I don't think any less of you now, than I did before! :)

Kevin - weren't you one of those guys starting his blue bike on the kick stand? What's it like to be that short? I 'spose short is good since no one can accuse you of paddling your way to the top of a hill - you can't reach the ground so why bother?


Hey Brian, What are kickstands for, anyways!

If you don't use it, you lose it, or something like that!

Dealers mark things up lots. Most will negotiate if you ask. I picked-up my IMS seat/tank for $275.00 (including sales tax). All and all, a square deal. Just tell them what you want to pay (w/i reason) and you'll probably get it.

Also, I love the tank and seat. It truly makes the bike lots easier to ride. It just feels smaller and more flickable (if you can call the dub-r flickable). :)

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