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I have been researching this over the winter months and put a system on my xr 400. The stock stator does not have enough power to run the flasher without the headlight and tail light flashing. I didn't want to spend the money for a new stator so i went to the dealer and ordered flushmount turn signals,

brakelight switch and a horn. My bike was bought used and the previous owner had the stock pigtails in the headlight and taillight replaced with two

contact ones for the high and low beam in the headlight and for the brake

and park light. He also had a speedo and turnsignal switch/ horn switch

installed. Next i went to the local dollar store and picked up 10 aa

batteries at 1.2volts each which when wired in series gives you 12 volts $10

cdn. Pay attention to how many volts they are rated for some are 1.5 volts

so you will need 8. I then went to radio shack and picked up a full wave

bridger rectifier good for 25A around $4.95cdn. My light does not

flicker at idle and the battery charges and puts out enough power to run the

flasher. This will work on any dirtbike that has enough power to run a headlight. I have some images of how i wired the bike and would be happy to share them with you if you email me i am unsure of how to post the diagram on this site.

People pay a lot of money to have these basic bridger rectifiers hooked up to their Harley Davidsons..

I would like pictures :) Can you email one to me? dirtbikes@msn.com

i would like to see how you done this also

No problem just give me an address and i send you the diagrams im unsure on how to post them on this site.

Here is the wiring diagram that i found and changed


thanks for the info will definitly be checking this out getting ready to get tags for the 600

1.2V AA Batteries are mostlikely the rechargeable Ni Cd type. The 1.5V version is not rechargeable unless you get the more expensive metal hybrid version! So pay attention which one you get.

I've seen that done with a big (high capacity) capacitor instead of a heavy motorcycle battery as well, but I assume your AA version works just as well.


You can get 1.5 volt rechargeables but you have to use 8 in series to get 12v instead of 10 with the 1.2 volt batteries. Early last winter I tried the capacitor but i found the the lights flickered. The problem with capacitors is that they discharge quickly then take a certain time constant to charge again at this time the lights and the charging of the capacitor is running off the motor. If the stator was putting out more juice you may get away with this but then you could run ac power. I have seen setups like this for my snowmobile to replace the battery for lightweight applications but it only works while the motor is running.

this is probly a stupid question but i was helping a friend of mine trying check his stator on his 400 the manaul said check for voltage coming from it 100 min. but it said to check it in dc after looking at this it says ac coming from the stator

can you shed a light on this for me

the regulated voltage should be between 12.5 -13.5 volts ac for the lighting coil. The 100 volts minimum is the exciter coil and ignition coil peak voltage.

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