Tire and rim size

I am looking at putting some Dunlop 606's on my 05 WR450 to get it street licensed but the Dunlop website recommends a 2.50 rim for the 120/90 rear and a 3.00 rim for the 130. The stock rim is 2.15. Does anyone have these tires on their bikes? I think I would opt for the 130 since the majority of my riding will be trails and I would like the bigger tire but am worried about it not fitting the rim properly.

I run a 140/80-18 TeraFlex DOT monster on a 2.5" and on a stock 2.15" rim and do not notice a difference. The stock rim works fine. :)

I had a 130/80-18 IRC tire on the rear of my old WR426, fit like a glove. Looks perfect to me!

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