finally...a wr426

Hey all,

Just bought a 2002 wr426, and boy is it pimped out. It has a Dr. D exhaust, differnt cams, racing susp, 13 tooth front sprocket, and other crap that i cant remember. all i know is it is crazy quick. I cannot gun it without that front wheel coming to the sky. Im sure i wil be on here a lot know with stupid questions but hey, thats how ya learn. I mainly wanted to know what an accelerator pump does cuz it has one. Oh yeah, the guy was nice enuf to give me a YS, seat/tank too, but thats off cuz i like to go on longer trips, but boy is this stock seat a board. anyways, thanx for being here...happy riding

sorry...forgot it has a auto clutch too...i have the stock in a box but can you all list the disadvantages and advantages to having one of these. i might get used to it but we'll see. thanx a bunch

Dude, you're rocking! You said the front sprcket was 13, what is the rear sprocket?

im pretty swure its what the stock was. all i can say is this tig pulls HARD in 1st and 2nd gear. i have yet to "put the pedal to the medal" in the first 2 fact im not sure if i can without having to change my pants. but its all muddy here now in N. Idaho so we'll se what trouble i can get myself into today.

Congrats! I also have an 02 426 and my son an 02 YZ250F. Being from California, we can never get rid of our 02s. Need Green sticker. With the YZ timing and in your case new cams, open exhaust and the right jetting, these 426s fly! You will love the bike! Have fun with it! Personally, we do not ride at night, so, I got rid of the lights, went with YZ number plate, yz fenders and yz graphics. I also got rid of the stock odometer and went with a Trail tech computer, much lighter and more function. It fits well with the YZ number plate. You also need the odometer eliminator spacer from Barnums for the front axle. You can see it in the pic of my bike below:


An accelerator pump is part of the carb that gives an extra squirt of fuel as you twist the throttle, to stop the fuel/air mix suddenly leaning out if you crack the throttle open hard, and making the engine stutter before it picks up.

An auto clutch - makes it harder to stall the bike, makes it easier to get fast standing starts (just crack the throttle open in 2nd or 3rd gear :) ) but, if you forget the bike's in gear and give it a blip of throttle while it's on the sidestand - you're gonna look a bit silly. :):D Also, anyone riding a bike with a manual clutch has the right to make fun of you for riding a twist-and-go girl's bike. :D

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