pilot air jet recommendations

03 wr450.I'm presently running 168 main,40 leak , 48 pilot , 70 starter & a 80 pilot air jet.Does any one have a better pilot air jet size to try and how does this jet affect the running.

Many thanks dave.

What works for someone else wont always work for you.

Humidity,temperature, altitude, exhaust system etc etc will all make a difference to how it runs.

You can try a 120 PAJ. It tends to allow the pilot to flow more fuel in on larger pilot jets. I run the 70 PAJ with my 48 pilot. NCMountainman runs the 120 PAJ with his 50 or 48 pilot jets. The difference is subtle. :)

I run a 100 PAJ with my 48 pilot. Very happy with it. :) If the original jetting Q's post is still out there somewhere, one of the pioneers of jetting research on this site had made a post of the relationship of PAJ to PJ and how they afffect the pilot circuit. Basically a bigger PJ requires the correct PAJ to flow the proper amount of fuel. I have tried running the 100 PAJ with smaller PJ's and it is noticable that with a 100 PAJ/45 PJ combo is a little lean for my conditions while a 80/45 combo works well but doesn't offer the same torque off the bottom as the 100/48 combo.


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