Asv Levers

Just installed ASV levers clutch and front brake on my 05 WR450.

The front brake fits nice but having a problem with adjustment on the clutch.

I can't get enough adjustment on the cable to get free play . I have run the star adjustment all the way in and the cable as well. I pulled the tank off to see if there was another adjustment on the cable no such luck. I called tech support

at ASV to see if they could help,but this was the first they have heard of the problem. ASV said to try a YZ cable. I know I could mill down the star adjuster

a little or some other way, but I though I would check with someone else

who might have run into this problem. Any help greatly appreciated.

Did you get the clutch lever made for the WR. They have a total different shape and fit than the universal due to the electric start safty switch. I got the universal brake and clutch levers. The clutch lever didnt work so I ordered the WR model and it fits perfect. If for somereason you have the lever made for the WR already you may have to go to the pro perch and do away with the safety switch. I can try to find the part number for you. And man are those levers awesome. They are expensive and worth every damn penny. :) Good luck.


Black n Blue I have the universal fit levers. I was not aware they made a lever

just for the WR. When I called the tech line they made no mention of the WR lever ,I told them the bike that i have and the part # and they said that it was the right application. Ill call them in the morning , if you can get me your part #

that would be usefull Thanks.


black Blue my bad the rotater clamps are universal fit i do have the WR clutch lever #CLM07

Oh I see, you have the C/5 model while I have the F3(CMF37-SHORTY) model. It does appear that you have the correct part number. Seems very strange to me as mine fits so perfect. I couldnt say enough good about my ASV levers, it sucks you are having trouble. Good luck. Please let us know how this turns out for you.

They changed the 250 perch for '05... maybe changed the 450 as well.

It now has the YZ adjuster, but still has the safety switch. The part number for the lever changed and it is NOT compatible with the '04 WR or YZ.

I had the same problem w/ the Works Con lever. I called Works Conn and they said to use a YZ cable. It cost me 20 bucks and works great.

Hey WheelsUp

that would make sense why it works for some and not others. Ill go to the dealer and see if the perch has changed from the 04 WR to the 05 WR

Just checking now...

2004 WR450F:

5TJ-82911-50-00 - Perch

5TJ-83912-00-00 - Lever

2005 WR450F:

5TJ-82911-80-00 - Perch

5TJ-83912-80-00 - Lever

Yup... same part numbers as the 250F

Thanks WheelsUp

That will save me a trip to the dealer, now Ill call ASV and see if they have

a updated part, I am sure I will end up doing a mod. with what I have or going to the YZ cable. Thanks again.

Ya... my move would be YZ parts and cable and just "fix" the clutch/starter interlock so the bike thinks it's "in" all the time. At that point, the blue wire could then be cut without impact on the starting system to get full voltage when starting in neutral, then the now unused blue wire can be tied to a neutral indicator light :)

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