Happy with my 650L, should i buy a 650R or a yam WR for the woods

Hi all

I have a new 650L, aprox 3k miles in the past 2 months, no problems great dual purpose bike. Could use another 20 hp. Wife is tired of hearing me bitch about my hard starting klx and has given the go ahead on a new dirt road machine. Anyone here own a WR450 and a XR650R ? Or at least owned both or picked one over the other? I really like the light small size of my klx, great in tight woods but my 650L makes it feel slow. I know a jump to the 650R will solve the underpower woe's, but i dont want to end up with a bike bike to big to ride thru tight trails in thick woods. I really like the e-button on the yam also but the R can be upgraded for less than a grand so not really a factor. It also seems like about time for honda to revamp the 650R, maybe inverted forks, hate to buy an 05 to see a lighter faster R come out in the fall for 06. Any thougts pro or con would be greatly appreciated as wife doesnt often give thumbs up on me dropping $6k, and I want to pick right bike before she changes her mind. Maybe I should buy a decent used R and bank the dif. Any thoughts?? :):D:)

Well judging by Honda track record with big bore XR's you have 4 or so years before you have worry about a revamped 650. Even then they will probably ditch the xr650r and make a crf. As far as a good woods bike goes the xr650r is very good if you are reasonably experienced and fit. The xr650r is a great all round bike the maintence is so easy and less than the wr450f, i.e. oil change every 6 months vs 8 hrs. The two bikes are very different but one advantage I could see for you is you could kill to birds with one stone and get rid of the 650l. If you fit electric start as you were considering the r will do everything the L could do but better. The 650r can be made to do anything you just have to have the patience. Look at it like this WR450F motocross bike with lights, XR650R trail thumper which can pretty much be used in any situation. I was considering a wr myself but went the xr and am extremely happy, if you want a high revving motocross bike get the wr if you want a dual purpose versitile trail bike get the 650r

YZ 250 (not "f").

I say go with the 650. I find the yamahas a little too high strung, at least for my liking. They work great, but I think you'll find the xr a better companion in the sticks.

Dude go with the XR650R you will not be dissapointed I promise!!!!!

Thanks for all the input,I have been riding contionusly for 31 years now but I ride solo and rarely get the chance to check out other dirt bikes, all my friends are in the 4 wheeler crowd. I have never seen the yam wr run, just relying on the dealer who went to great lengths to tell me the wr was designed for low rpm grunt as a woods bike. After Brett pointed out it was an mx bike, and after reading all the wr section here at TT I understand its not the bike for me. I need to be able to do a 300 mile ride and still use the bike to get home. All my riding is fast forest roads, so a big bike with torque is what I am after. Rode my daily 30 mile post coffee loop yesterday with my 650L then my klx, I can stay in 3rd with the L the whole loop with speeds from 30-60, klx is a constant hunt between 2nd and 5th . The L is great just cant do throttle wheelies(except 1st), looks like the R is the natural choice. Heading into town tommorow to play around with the R at the honda place. I think I will look in the used market and spend the extra dough on a few upgrades. Anybody in nth Florida with a good used(read babied) R model for sale?

Keep your eyes on ebay. There are always nice, low mile 650r's (usually 2000, 2001, 2002) that end up selling for btween 2600-3400 depending on condition and aftermarket goodies. I would buy used for sure. I bought a new bike once, and never will again. Just hold out for a bike close to you and in good condition.

My .02


OK, my brother rides an 05 wr450 I ride an 87 xr600. we also had a 2001 650 in the group We rode Drummond island a few weeks back and its one of the few cat 5 trails in Michigan. 1 being the easiest and 5 the most difficult. Some observations. As far as agility the wr450 seems to work well in the tight stuff a bit easier to throw around than the 650. The wr450 Center of gravity feels lower as well.. Whoops or jumps wr450 handles much easier as the suspension is top notch. As far as grunt power xr600, 650 hands down. The 600, 650 torque and shear weight help it over obstacles that the 450 needs a bit more rpms to get over. If your doing any kind of duel sport then the 650 is a bonus for that. When we race he pulls me in 2nd and I slowly start to catch him in 4 and then I continue to pull away when hes just about topped out and I still have throttle left. At the end of the day both bikes will get the job done and well. I guess you'd have to weigh what type of riding your doing and what your comfortable with. As for your experience I think you would enjoy both equally well. I like the torque of the xr more so than the wr. Go with what your comfortable with. My brother wishes his 450 had the torque of my 600 he also feels the power band is more linear on my xr. His wr seems to have a sweet spot when the power comes on. I am envious of his suspension, he is envious of my big padded seat. Just some thoughts. Let us know what you decide. Oh that darn E button I want one of those as well.

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