XR650 uncorking problems--need help

Uncorked my almost new 2003 XR650R today. It was stock except it already had the spark arrester replaced with the new insert. I removed the two airbox parts, put in the new carb insulator, B53E needle with the clip in the #2 position from the top, #170 main jet, and #68s slow jet. Bike started fine but sputtered and missed. I pulled the carb again and put in a #175 main and moved the clip to the third position wich seems to be the setting most folks use. Bike still started easy but sputtered and missed as soon as I came on the throttle in all gears. I live at 1500 feet elevation. Don't know what to check now and don't want to put all the stock parts back on. Am going on a long trip in a coulpe of weeks and need to get this right. Thanks in advance,


I figured it out. I had the choke lever in the wrong position. It runs like a champ now. Glad it was only a dumb mistake on my part and I'm happy I don't have to take the carb out again. The uncorking mods made a huge improvement.

Welcome to TT. Glad you figured it out.

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