Baja 500

The three vehicles that covered the course the fastest Saturday were motorcycles. The privateer team of Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif./Mike 'Mouse' McCoy, Santa Monica, Calif., beat three factory teams, riding a Honda XR650R to a time of 8:40:25, averaging 48.31mph. All four top finishing motorcycle teams were in Class 22.

Second among the motorcycles was the American Honda A team of Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif., with a 8:49:45 time on a Honda XR650R while third was the Honda B team of Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., completing the course in 9:08:16 on another Honda XR650R.

The fourth motorcycle finisher was the Factory KTM team of Chris Blais, Apple Valley, Calif./Andy Grider, Los Olivos, Calif., running the route in 9:10:48 on a KTM 660 Rally motorcycle.

Sportsman Class

SPTS M/C> 28

251x Patrick Healy

252x Brad Etter

253x Aaron Dodson

254x Gereld Stanfield

255x Mike Guethlein

256x Ben Gumser

257x Rocky Gilmore

258x Jeff Leonard

259x Don Myll

260x Ned Suesse

261x Jason Sturgis

262x Jim Meehan W/D 5/20

263x Kevin Krasner


265x J. Bryan Short

266x Gary Lee Sparks

267x Joe Black

268x Michael Powell / Gene Lane

269x Sunny Irvine

270x Yoshiori Sato

271x Daniel Buckouecz

272x Dan Roush

273x Robert Laughlin

274x Lance Kane

275x Alberto Gonzalez

276x Colie Potter

277x Pedro Arias

297x Greg Stevenson-3rd RS

298x Mike Layton-2nd RS

299x Charles Jirse-1st RS

Pro Class

CLASS 30 14

301x Scott Myers

302x Stuart Gilred

303x Mike Crawford

304x Jimmy Lewis

305x Robert Garcia

306x Jason Smith

307x Victor Villalobos

*300x Gerardo Rojas

309x Corey Keysar

310x Joey Lane

311x J. David Ruvalcaba

312x Sergio Vega

313x Rodolfo Iribe

349x John Spar-1st RS

CLASS 40 8

401x Mike Kay

402x Dana Reed

*400x Jim O'Neal

404x Greg Fountain

405x Mike Laenger

406x Jeff Alter

407x Jack Burger

408x Rich Binckley

CLASS 50 3

501x Doug Smith

502x Jim O'Neal

503x Eizaburo Karasawa

CLASS 40 (Riders over 40 years old)--

1. Jim O’Neal, Chatsworth, Calif./Tim Withers, Pepeekeo, Hawaii/Jeff Kaplan, Newbury Park, Calif., Honda XR650R, 9:43:18 (43.10mph); 2. Rich Binckley, Woodinville, Wash./Paul Ostbo, Cle Elum, Wash., Honda CRF450X, 9:46:06; 3. Dana Reed, Rescue, Calif./Shawn Black, Stockton, Calif., Honda XR650R, 10:09:04; 4. Greg Fountain, Lake Forest, Calif./Mike Martin Jr., Garden Grove, Calif., Yamaha WR450, 10:10:08; 5. Michael Laenger, Sherman Oaks, Calif./Kent Perkins, Bakersfield, Calif., Honda XR650R, 10:12:37; 6. Mike Kay, San Clemente, Calif./Brian Schmuckle, Encinitas, Calif./Rob Barnum, Phelan, Calif., Husqvarna TE510, 11:41:09; 7. Jeff Alter/Scott McMannus/Scott Burch, Laguna Beach, Calif., Honda XR650R, 8. Jack Burger, Solana Beach, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 12:26:13.

(8 Starters, 8 Finishers)

:):) What??? No "L's" in top 3???? :D:D

What I like is Mike Kay didn't use the XR650R and all the stories they can come up with won't change that the BRP left them in the dust :D All Mikes stories about Honda not having what it takes to win is just 6th place now. Maybe they should have use a KTM525 and that would have made the difference??? :):) Well it is time to rub it in :worthy: is Irondude all quiet?? GPS! No more course cutting! --- I think Mike Kay made a big mistake not using the King of Baja and left there BRP at home. It might have been a better outcome for them if they would have revamped Mike's Dakar bike to be setup to race the Baja. Great outcome for Dana Reed's team this time. I can't wait to hear from Mike Powell on the bikes and how they ran.

I am still trying to find the results of the Sportsmans class. That is were most of my friends ride.

It is nice to see Dana Reed do well. Both times he raced with Mike Powell, Mike got lost and that put them behind. This time Mike raced with Gene Lane instead. Dana has a XR650R with a stage one cam but, Mike Powell's bike that he ran in the Sportsman class is a 680cc, 11:1 piston, stage two cam, Nikasil cylinder XR680R.

Good thing there weren't any XR650"L's" in the race they night have beat Irondude! :D:D:D Irondude go back to using a Honda!! All that stuff about "Europe bikes" didn't pan out! Maybe in the last Baja 250 but, for the 500 :D Maybe if you had ten riders and you changed them every 50 miles! :D There is more to it then the bike just being faster and lighter....being able to stay with the bike for hours on end helps also.

What I like is Mike Kay and Rob Barnum have left using the XR650R and all the stories they can come up with won't change that the BRP left them in the dust All Mikes stories about Honda not having what it takes to win is just 6th place now.

Perhaps. But I'll bet we read some commentary about how in the first SCORE Baja race with GPS in use for tracking racers, team Honda did not win. Coincidence? Hmmmmmm.........

I can tell you this, I pre-ran the course on friday on my CRF450R and I was really missing my BRP! I am now shopping for a new one starting tomorrow!

We wacthed the race on saturday, we were at the 29/395 mile mark and I can tell you the top 3 bikes through were flat out HAULING BUTT! Next year I am fielding a team for the 500 in sportsman class...should be a great time!

No coincidence that Honda didn't win the OA because of the GPS things. The GPS trackers did come into play for a few reasons but no actions were warranted.

McCoy and Childress ran a perfect race and did awesome.

Childress is definitely fast but has had bad luck down there, kinda like Robby Gordon. Low and behold, Gordon won the OA in the trucks. Very cool.

Johnny and Steve rode well but both of them had 1 crash each. The results from one crash was a broken radiator which added some time for replacement.

Third OA bike was Robby Bell & Kendal Norman. Sounds like they had a good day, haven't heard otherwise.

The Grider/Blaise KTM 660 had an on & off day with Blaise getting sick and Grider crashing really hard 2 times.

Look at that....the top 3 are xr650R's. Apparently they work pretty well and didn't get "tooled" by the KTM.

5th and 6th were also xr650R's

7th was a crf450X

8th overall motorcycle was a CRF250X.....really? From what I read on TT those bikes can't finish a race. That bike ripped!

Rob Barnum did not ride the Husky with Mike.

Rob rode an xr650R with Rudy Iribe (bajarudy on TT).

Mike K rode the Husky with Brian Schmuckle and another guy, I can't remember his name. BTW - the Husky is a pretty damn bitchen bike. But it doesn't look like a Husky (blue/yellow) it's white with a tiny bit of red.

Some TTers results taken from the SCORE "unofficial" results:

BajaBoundMoto & MX121 & team - 8th OA bike - 1st 250 Pro - crf250x.

Rudy Iribe "BajaRudy" & Rob Barnum & team - 12th OA bike - 3rd Over 30 Pro - xr650r.

Mike Laenger & team - 16th OA - 5th Over 40 Pro - xr650r.

Mike Powell & team - 41st OA - 4th Open Sportsman -.

Sunny Irvine "sunnymex" rode solo - 42nd OA - 5th Open Sportsman - xr650r.

BajaBoundMoto & team - 44th OA bike - 10th Over 30 Pro - BMW 1200 "HP2".

Mike Kay & team - 54th OA - 6th Over 40 Pro - Husky 510.

Jeff Leonard - 65th OA - 14th Open Sportsman -.

Ben Gumser "bubbagums" & team - DNF - xr400 I think.

Perhaps. But I'll bet we read some commentary about how in the first SCORE Baja race with GPS in use for tracking racers, team Honda did not win. Coincidence? Hmmmmmm.........

True!! I agree with that but, they have come up with good excuses for both of these last two losses! It is sad they can't use two more more bikes to win now....oops did I say that??? I believe what Irondude has said in the past. Major cheating and some by his own friends. I just thought it would be fun to rub it in that the big old, out dated pig won again :D . With all kidding aside I think he would have done a lot better with his Dakar bike setup for this Baja 500.

1. Mike Childress, Mouse Mc Coy 14x -- BRP! Wounder why they chose the BRP this time :) I am sure they are glad that they did and Irondude should have. Just because you think the CRF250 is a joke doesn't mean you should give up on a bike that has worked so well for you in the past. Just because Honda support is a Joke (and they have treated you like poo) doesn't mean you should give up on a bike you had built to win. I think it turned out to be miss guided faith in the 510 Husky or KTM or what ever that lead him astray and took a class win away from his team. For this type of race anyways. He could have/should have done way better. I was pulling for him, then I saw what bike he was riding and thought, "you got to be kidding" if he pulls this off he will way prove a point.........well :) Once he rests up, I am sure I will get the full blast from him. I deserve it. But, I know he knows his XR650R would have made the race a lot more comfortable and covered a lot more ground with less effort!

Big congrats to winners Childress and Mc Coy!

Makes ya wonder what they and the likes of Blaise and Grider and so so so many other guys would have accomplished in the last few years down in Baja if the races hadnt been manipulated. As for the fact that Honda got second, (again!), instead of "winning" by an hour or so like in past years...well obviously that is just a funny little coincidence, right?

Not sure what happened to KTM. Obviously they had some drama....cant help but wonder if the 710 was the best choice for this course...maybe someone can share the inside story with us here...frankly from outside it seems like the KTM effort is a bit mis-managed. Why do the bikes arrive the week before the race?

Huge conrats to Sunny Irvine for Ironmanning it! Tuff dude!!

As for us--well it was just drama after drama--not our day. Its the 5th race in a row where tire drama and crashes killed any chance of a decent finish...i had to ride the 110 mile Mikes loop on a totally bald rear-not worn down--i mean a totally bald slick that couldnt get up the hills-i had to push it up loosing an hour in the process and leaving me to tired to think straight for awhile-even the BMW passed us...That said: It sure is getting old making excuses!

Tire issues aside-the Husqvarna really truly did run 100% PERFECT. We are all very impressed with the Husky--so far its proving to be one tuff cookie. We still have some dialing in to do on the suspension--but its now very close. Brian and I will be at the Nevada 1000 on the desert wolf...with different tires-hopefully we might do a little better than (cough, cough) 6th in class!

Just FYI Rob Barnum pulled out from our effort and raced with Bajarudy. Not sure how it went for them.

Anyway thats our story and 'we're stickin to it' -- again congrats to the winners and all who raced. Thanks to all who helped out, and hats off to SCORE for getting some balls and cleaning things up with the trackers.

I was passed by 302X on the pavement (totally against the rules--kinda like passing at NASCAR when the caution flag is out)--he was doing about the legal 60mph...then i had to ride in his dust for 10 miles...again slowing us obviously there is still 'some' cheating going on-but its getting better--MUCH BETTER!

Baja is awesome this time of year....

ps-Irondude wanted to go on and on about muslims and jap bikes and Honda karma and radioactive valve seats...but he had to leave for his anger management class.


Big congrats to winners Childress and Mc Coy! Is it just me or is it incredibly ironic that KTM droped that stud Mc Coy from the Dakar effort...and now he beats everyone.

Totally different "McCoy" dude, not even related.

That was Casey M., this is Mike M.

Damn.....when I seen McCoy coming by at about mile 330 I could tell he was still on fire......I wanted to get back over to Ojos Negros to see him pass, but I knew he'd beat me there for sure. When 1x came by he was on fire too. He took a little side part of the course that had a launch on it I wish I could've caught.....bitchen to say the least. :)

The Husky 510 with our baja mods is the best handling, fastest, and funnest motorcycle i have ever ridden. I dont say that lightly.

Brian Schmuckle-my race partner in the 500- is now going to sell his BRP to buy a Husky. He may or may not keep his CRF450R for me that really says something. Its plated and he wants $3500 if anyone is interested.

Last year i raced the 500 with Rob Barnum and Annie Seel on a fully built was a great bike and i was lucky to get some time on it. It was similar to the Chris Haines HRC 650R's that i rode when i was doing tours with him...that included bikes with 20" front wheels and other exotic stuff....but none of those bikes could touch the Husky.

Its taken us some months to figure out how to set up the baja Husky--ya dont just take it down to Bob Bell and then throw in a HRC cam and some BPR clamps and go racin...everything from mid-valve dampning on the Marzzochi's to proper sprocket ratios (16-46!) to ordering the right spares has been a bit of a learning curve...the bike is race ready right out of the box--but stock its set up for the woods...although we will certainly be happy to share what we have learned...We now have one incredible bike-we just need to get thru a race without tire drama. Two flats in the SF 250--including a nail at mile 3--and now a Kenda that un-explainably self-destructed in an area that was over 100 miles from any chase trucks...add in bad crashes from partners at both races--well its just been a bad streak of luck and some poor set-up choices. But hey--thats racing!! And--thats to be expected when testing a new bike. The pay off will be down the line when we out-drag the 450's and out-handle the big bikes. This is real racing--looking for an advantage and not going with the same set up everyone else has. No hidden agendas-we have no allegiance to any bike, just looking for the best. We think we have found it...the Husky is that good. For now when we fail we look like kooks. If we win we will be setting the pace--and in the process--and really at some level racing bikes is all about the process-- we have a really interesting and challenging race effort.

Yes the 650R and the 650L are good bikes and have a place in the universe...they are incredibly durable and frankly i really wish those kinds of bikes where not on the way out. I dont know what my future dual sport/baja explorer bike will be--the Husky 510 is not that bike.... But for racing--the 650R was to heavy and to limited for me. Its a fact i am faster on the Husky in all situations--even long straight aways. Not that i am fast...just faster on the Husky.

Thanks for allowing me to turn this into a Husqvarna commercial!!!!!!!


We were down around mile 100 right where the course hit the coast. It was great seeing you guys go by and everyone else. I was a little late getting out of bed and litterally ran a 1/4 mile straight up hill chasing the first bike when the heli's came over the hill. Got to the top just in time too see him go BLASTING by.

Congrats to you all!!!


Yes, Rob Barnun and I raced class 30 and finished 3rd in class. We used all of Barnums stuff...suspension, complete exhaust, edelbrock carb, airbox mod, speedo eliminator and a little Voodoo too. Very impressed with everything.

Rob and I won the CODE series Overall last year and therefore this year we sport the 1X plate for all the races in CODE.

Hey, how did you guy's in the sportsmen class do?? What is the stories??

CONGRATULATIONS to all the finishers !! .... hell, it takes BIG cojones to even compete in a race like that ... :):)

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