Just picked up a pig, need some ideas.

After riding nothing but two strokes since I was a kid, and swearing to the bitter end Id never buy one of those granny bikes, I gave in a bought a 2000 XR 650 from my brother. And I love it. Ill keep the kx 250 I have and use it for those "special occasions" but Ill never buy another two stroke again. The 650 laughs at anything I put in front of it, its a awesome machine.

I ride mostly in the rockies here in alberta, and I was wondering what some of the more common mods are that can be made to make the bike work better in the bush. I have uncorked it, put on oversize tag bars, and some stronger bark busters. I was going to gear the bike down, but the more saddle time I have on the bike, the more I like the stock gearing. I think I might get aftermarket exhaust, and maybe some bigger footpegs.

Do you guys have any tricks or know of mods that make the bike a more capable bush weapon?

If you see any mud or sand...try throwing a T-2 terraflex tire on the back! The tire is awesome! :)

Thanks, Ive never heard of that company before. Ill have to try one of those out soon. The 650 is really hard on rubber. One weekend in the sticks and a new tire is toast.

Dude most important thing is a good skip plate! Too many things to damage down there, believe me just look at my skip plate!

Skip plates let you skip over the rocks. :)

Remove the peein keihin and install a Edelbrock carb...... :)

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