Dual sport tires for WR450F

I'm thinking about purchasing a 04 WR450 that has been dual sported. It currently rides on Kenda K761 tires and was wondering how these would perform on the gravel roads I normally ride. Would DOT knobbies do better? I'll guess I'll be riding 70% gravel, 20% street, 10% dirt. Any suggestions?

get "real" dirt tires :):) {non dot} :D

i agree with simon on this. I had a XT600 with dual sport tires and they sucked balls on gravel, and were OK on road. I now have a WR with pure dirt tires and they ride like rails on gravel and trails. They do fine for in town driving too as long as you remember you are not on a rocket.

Kenda trackmaster dot on the rear works great but don't put one on the front.

Just put a Maxis si on the front and grind off the "not" in not for highway use.

get "real" dirt tires :):) {non dot} :D

Sounds good. There's no cops where I live in northern ontario anyways. Which tires would work well for my type of riding? I'm looking for something that won't wear to quick on the gravel/pavement.

maxis IT cross.

work very well on dirt, last a long time, work well when 1/2 gone, and decent on pavement. good luck.

Maxxis it rear and si front. Best bang for your money.

If you have coin to spend try the Michelin M12 rear s12 front.

Where are you in Ontario?

Thanks. What size should I get? I see they have a 100/110/120 for the rear.

I'm running a Kenda 80/100-21 K760 51M on the front, 110/100-18 K760 64M on the rear. They are just fine for climbing, but tend to slip into the ruts easier when I'm trying to stay on the high side of a washed out trail. I've now got about 50 miles on them. My stock Dunlops with 80 miles had better side bite. The rear doesn't look as wide as my old Dunlop, but it's supposed to be the same size.

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