Xr 650R and mechanical exhaust

Hey All,

I want to put a new exhaust on my bike. I want a farely quiet exhaust that I don't have to repack ever. Do ya'll have any suggestions for me towards my goal? Thanks, Tony

Dude try the FMF Q series!

What don't you like about the stock exhaust?

I looks shit, big and clunky. I t would be great if it was like an xr400 exhaust but its oval and ugly and heavy. Staintune is very good

Can't argue with that, but performance-wise it is very efficient.

FMF Q..... :)




Do you have to repack it?? Thanks, Tony

FMF Q :):D:D:D:)

I looked at the Q and you need to repack it. I guess with all the things I have going on I don't want to repack it. Any more suggestions? I bought one of the stock inserts and I am thinking of mounting it to my WB r4 exhaust to see if I could get it quieter that way. Thanks, Tony

I bought a Bills Pipes Thunder series with the quiet insert and I love it. It looks good also.

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