Installation of Seal Savers?

I have done some searching on this topic but have not found the answer to what I am after.

I am about to install some fork seal savers to my YZF 450 04 model, however I have noticed that there is a bracket that is in the way that holds the top of the plastic fork guards at the top. Some friends of mine have simply removed these clamps for they believe the mounting of the fork guards at the bottom is sufficient which than allows you room to place your fork savers. However I am a bit reluctant to remove the fork guard clamps for I think in a stack this would make your forks more vulnerable to damage.

What have other people done to get around this issue?

I have purchased the short ones that have velcro allowing for easy removing and fitting.

remove them they do nothing. I am on my 2nd bike with the seal savers and they perform as advertised. Just peel them back and clean the seals with a small piece of 35mm film every now and them.

The plastic clamps will fit right over the seal savers. Just get a longer screw at the hardware store.

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