Chain Tension

When riding and excelerating I hear a sound that's like the chain is jumping teeth on the countershaft sprocket. The tension of the chain is set just as the manual says to do.

Your hearing chain slap.

Take black chain guide off your swing arm and put a bead of silicone on it

smoth it out so its about 2 or 3 mm's thick, let it dry, re-install

and the noise will disappear

If the chain and sprockets aren't worn out, and the chain is properly adjusted, then I agree with Bamster. I cut some rubber sheet a few mm's thick to the shape of the chain guide, and siliconed it under the original chain guide. It does the same as the method Bamster suggested. :)

Thanks guys, but there is no problem with the swing cracking like it shows in the motoman 393.

Thanks guys for the help, but there is no swingarm crack like it shows in the motoman 393 link. I check it often.

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