Advancing the Cams on the WR400

Although I'm sure this question has been asked alot in different forums, I couldnt find it pertaining to the WR400. I'm currently adjusting the valves and thought that since I have the cams out allready, why not try advancing them? Does anybody have any advice on how far I can go to get the best top-end gains and what has and hasnt worked for them?


the best gain from cam timeing is to advance the exhaust cam clockwise one tooth this will put you onto yz cam time with huge top and middle range gains and will make it snappy almost like a two stroke


Is there any chance of of valve-piston clash by doing this ?. I am looking to buy a WR400 in the next few days and want to use it for both enduro and super moto.


you actually retard the exhaust cam 1 tooth, not advance it.

There is no chance of a piston to valve collision.

Thanks guys.

I'm still trying to decide which bike I should buy. Is there much difference in terms of power between a 400 and a 426 ?. I want to do some supermoto as well as some enduro stuff. I don't want to feel frustrated / left behind on the supermoto track by a bike that lacks power. The 450s are a little beyond my budget at the moment (kids are an expensive business these days !!).

Thanks again


So who's right? Do you retard or advance the timing? Is it the same on a 426?


My reading of it is that the timing needs to be retarded and, to do this, the cam has to be turned clockwise 1 tooth. Correct me if I'm wrong..........


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