reserve on stock tank WR426

On my stock tank on the WR426, 2002, there is no reserve on my fuel petcock (sp?) I have a YZ tank and there is a reerve on that lever. Can i simply switch the petcock valve and have a reserve on my stock tank? Also, what is the best way to rinse dirt and mud off the engine block w/o harming anything?

Probably the guy switched the valves when he put on the YZ tank. I think you can just switch the valve back over to the WR tank. As far as cleaning goes, I wait until I get home, engine is cold, and I rinse it with a hose that has a pretty strong nozzle. Don't spray too hard on the carb. or on the half moon rubber gaskets between the head and the valve cover. If it is really dirty, you can use soap, or a very diluted solution of simple green. I mostly just use a hose with water. After you wash it and wipe it, start the bike, let it warm up, shift it on its kickstand so the back tire comes up, put it in first gear, let out the clutch so the tire is turning, then spray chain lub on the the chain, spraying the chain underneath the swing arm leaves no mess on the bike, keep spraying for a while, let the chain do a few revolutions. Pull it out of gear, set it back down and put the bike away. :)

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