Extra fuel for longer rides

Just wanting to know what people use to carry extra fuel on them for bigger rides. I have a YZF450 04 and I am about to do a 120 kilometer (sorry don't know the conversion into miles) ride. The standard tank will not make the distance, however I was planning to carry some fuel in some sort of container in my camel back. I have heard of people using a thermos to carry some extra fuel.

What do others use or recommend to carry some extra fuel to get you over the line on a bigger ride?

I'm not interested in purchasing a bigger tank, its rare that I do these bigger rides.

Any suggestions would be great.


I have used the Colmen fuel bottles and I have used Gatorade bottles. The 32oz gatorade bottles hold more than the colmen bottles that I have. The problem that I had with both of them was the weight on my back and it took place of water that I needed. I also taped the lids on them so that they would not work their way loose.

Hmm, I wouldn't trust carrying what could be a rather powerful bomb in a gatorade bottle.

I have the same bike, and have the same dilemma on the fuel front and use my old backpacking stove fuel bottle.

Go to any Backpacking store and get one or two of those spun aluminum fuel bottles like Coleman, Sigg, or MSR (Mountain Safety Research, not Malcom Smith Racing). They won't cost you more than $10 for a 32 ounce version. Fill 'em up and stash it in your camel back, or duct tape them to your front fender.

These bottles are DESIGNED to carry fuel and will outlast you and your bike.


just out of interest whereabouts are you riding? i'm presuming NSW

just out of interest whereabouts are you riding? i'm presuming NSW

I'm riding in victoria. Doing a ride from Erica up through to Licola. In total its around 220k ride, however there is a fuel station in Licola (half way point) where we re fuel, but its 120k's to here and I think the 450 will do around 90 - 100k's per tank.

I think I'm a bit reluctant to carry fuel in a plastic container on my back. Will have a look at some aluminum thermos.

Empty motor oil bottles. It needs to indicate the number "2" on the bottom to be the right kind of plastic. Don't use food containers of any kind. They can melt. :)

I have used a soda 32 oz bottle in a fender pack from moose so you don't have to carry it on your back. Straps on to the front or rear fender. It works great and my back thanks me.

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