mad weight difference ???

Ok so how many of you guys have found it easier to jump now with the yzf tank/seat swap over? Ive got the standard 12L tank/seat on mine and it really nose dives on medium/large jumps. No matter who hard i rev the engine/pull back on the bars or gas it hard on the lip of the up-ramp it still goes endo-ing over a larger distance :) . The jump was a 55ft double and i came down hard on about the 10th hit :) .The suspension is balanced and i can jump, so will the YZF swapover fix that problem ???

I don't think the YZF seat/tank combo' will cure your jumping problem, but it's one of the best things i've done to my '02 WR426. It does allow you to move around a lot more, especially waaay further forward obviously, but being further forward won't stop you nose diving. I find that a steady speed on take-off is best, rather than gassing it at the last minute off the lip. Is it possible that you're accelerating up the face of the jump, then backing off just before take-off? Right foot maybe just engaging the rear brake in the air? Whatever the case, the YZF seat and tank will make your WRF easier to ride :)

na i wasnt backing off on the face of the jump, but had to gas it cause the up-ramp is short and kicky. its got a big enough run up so the speed is steady and not abrupt. but ill hat it again soon so well see

The swap will help more in keeping your front tire dug in, in the corners. Won't help that much on jumps, cause unless your seat hopping, you'd be standing.

If the take-off has a kicker you need to be on the throttle.

$175 eh ? thats pretty good, pity your in Utah and im in oz ! wats the exchange rate goin at now ? ill see wat i can find over here first and if theres nothin ill get back to ya :)

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