Rev limiter help

Does anyone know a way to bypass the rev limiter on a 01 yz 426 or of an ideal dynomax chip kit?

Your power peak is well below the rev limit, and the torque peak is below that. What's the point in bypassing the rev limit?

No point at all, plus you risk a higher change of blowing your motor.

because for some reason my cdi lowerd the limiter down to like 2000 rpms so as soon as i have my bike in 5th grear i hit the limiter, just to say i'm touching the trottle. It dosent affect any other gears just 5th.

Try disconnecting the gear pos sensor then..

Are you sure its not jumpin in and out of gear?? Probably not, but it happened to mine. My 5th gear shift fork was bent and when I shifted into fifth with any amount of throttle it would jump in and out so fast it sounded like the rev limiter. Just a thought.

Check your neutral switch. Put the bike in fifth on the stand and check to see if the lead on the switch open or grounded. It should be open. If it's grounded, it will lower the rev limit to 7000. Replace it. You can also simply disconnect it, but the neutral switch also changes the timing at idle, and my bike starts better in neutral.

Ok how the hell do i disconnect the gear position sensor?

Sounds like its jumping in and out of grear that could be it the problem started at half thorttle and now its right at a touch, but the bike runs almost perfect on the stand just when there is a weith load on it like when i'm riding.

I already did the neutral mod with the blue wire thanks

Where abouts do you live in Ontario??

North Bay area

Well I just learned something new here. Didn't know all the goods on the TP sensor or rev limiter. Thanks for the info guys.

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