Another Tire Thread: Best 17" tire

It seems the choices for 17" rear tires are getting pretty slim. For the guys riding the older bikes, what are you running? I need a good all-around tire for the conditions I will encounter in the Mojave.

Any suggestions?


Cheng Shin it is :)

IRC makes a good 17" tire too. :)

CHENG SHIN 755(I think)530x17 I was not sure how it would hold up but a weekend at Drummond Island on the rocks and I am defintely impressed. The lugs seem so soft and flexible, I expected to chunk it, however not a chunk and the flex seems to have bit pretty well on the rocks trees etc. Where others were spinning the cheng shin seemd to take a grip. you can't beat the price either.

Tera Flex all the way! You can get it from It is made by interco.

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