Why Do They Make The Engine Cases Out Of Magnesium????what Was Wrong With Cast Aluminum???? Besides That You Can Weld "al " And Not "mag.".........i Broke My Case On My 04 Wr450, The Piece Was Small And Fit Back Together Perfect. The Local Welding Shop Said That If It Were Aluminum, That They Could Weld It For $23.00......but That It Was Magnesium And Had To Be Replaced With New Cases....$450.00,new Bearings $100.00,seals And Gaskets $100.00, Labor $600.00,and Tax Made It About $1300.00. I See Some Older Vintage Bikes Still Running Hard With The Older Aluminum Cases. Is It So We Cant Fix It Ourselves Or Is There Another Reason????????

Mag is lighter and disipates heat better then Alum. That is the only reason for using it. I feel your pain. I would get some liquid weld stuff and use that (JB Weld). Just keep an eye on it.

Thats What I First Had In Mind...but After Thinking About What Would Happen If The Piece Did Come Loose,that I Would Loose The Engine Due To Lack Of Oil. And Went To A Way Better Engine Skid Plate That Wraps Around The Front Of The Engine. If You Ride Woods With Lots Of Laege Rocks With Off Camber Trails, The Better Skid Plates Will Let You Sleep Better At Night.

If you can get to both sides of the area that need to be repaired JB weld will hold it together good. Apply it liberally and make sure you scuff and clean the areas around it with M.E.K. this will get rid of any oily residue. The repair total might run you between $ 5.00 and $10.00. I did a repair like this on my cr and it lasted for years eventually sold the bike like that and who's the wiser.

are you sure they are magnesium? i know the clutch cover and the valve cover is,but the left sidecase on my 04 wr450 IS aluminum(i know because i welded it where the starter used to attach) and i'm pretty sure the rest is too,i've been wrong before though :)

I dont envy the engineers of the motorcycles. If the bikes weighed 275 we would be angry. I think they could build foolproof covers if we let them increase weight.

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