Best Aftermarket Pipe?

What Are Some Of The Better Pipes And Ones To Stay Away From, I Ride A 04 Wr450, Mainly Trail Rides, But Also Compete In Hare Scrambles. Right Now I Am Running A "gyt-r" Full Exhaust And Am Not Very Pleased With The Power Increase. Looking For Something Better.

I run a full FMF system with a PowerBomb and Q2 and am happy with it. Had I to do it over again though, I probably would have gone with a PowerCore 4 SA with the quiet insert.

BTW, what's with the capital letter at the beginning of each word?...SC

I have the GYT-R carbon slip on. Man I love it. My buddy has the White Bros

E2 and mine has way more power. I havent ridden any other 450's with aftermarket but my uncle has a FMF PC4 with a power bomb header on his 426 and its nice. It has a nice quiet sound . Its hard for me to tell on the power because my bike has so much more anyway. Good Luck.

What about Dr. D everyone I talk to locally says it is the best pipe for the yami's. I don't have an aftermarket pipe yet but I am told the Dr. D is the way to go. Anyone have any opinions on it?

I use an FMF Powercore4 witht he quiet core insert. Sounds nice and throaty, not too loud. Might even be legal, if not, some tweaking on the insert should bring you in.

My buddy that works at the Yamaha shop says the DR. D is awesome. I have heard lots of guys say they are super sweet. Pretty expensive though. Give it a try and let us know how good it is. :)

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