jetting ? for you xr guys.....

i am shooting this question for my brother. he is having a bad stumble right off idle. i told him it was a jetting issue, just thought i would ask what you guys are running. his bike is all stock except he has the plug out of the exhaust. jetting is stock, what should he change on the jetting?

What kind of bike? All xr's have an off idle stumble unfortunately. Also all BRP riders reserve the right to request pics of your lady prior to any questions being answered...LMAO! Just kiddin'... :)

it is an xr600, i think late 90's. any ideas on jetting or cheap ideas for power. haha, there are all kinds of pics of my hottie on the babes thread.

I'm a 650 man so I can't give you exact needle positions or main jet sizes but here's my advice...

Lower needle (1 clip pos maybe) this will give the bike more fuel at low throttle opening

If this doenst help try bigger main jet (2sizes maybe), then check pilot screw is at standard position. What I just told you to do fixed that problem on my 650. (except I didn't need a bigger main jet)

I got a Edelbrok Quicksilver pumper carb for mine .94 xr600. The stumble may make you tumble when trying to raise wheel right before jumping a big log . I'm not good at endo's .

This might help you pinpoint which circuit is causing the problem, seeing there are no other problems with the bike.



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