Brakes for 2001 426

I just got some EBC brakes like a month and a half ago, and they are already padless!! I forgot what type they are... But i ride trails only, so the terrain varies, some sand, the usual water, and mud (pipeline trails mostly). But i need a good pair of front and rear brake pads.. Any suggestions?? I though my rear would last longer then that!!

Get the pads from Yamaha, Im still on my original set and thats 3 seasons, and by the looks of them I will get another 3.

I use the stock pads also. Don't forget to burn the pads in and let them cool down before you take off on the trails.

Where can i get the stock ones?? The ones on the front are stock and they lasted awhile!! Can i get them at a dealer? What do you mean burn them in??

Get the stock (OEM) pads from a dealer for sure, some online stores sell them. Just make sure you're getting OEM pads. Put them on and ride. Avoid getting any soap on the brakes, especially if you use those coin operated car washes to clean your bike. If you ride in mud often then think about a solid rotor.

Heres how I burn them in..... Install the new pads, take your bike out and accelerate to approx 20 mph and hammer on the brakes real hard, do this about 15-20 times and then park the bike and let them cool down completely, then go ride in the woods or wherever. When you heat up the new material and then let it cool, it tends to harden the pad and makes it last a lot longer than if you don't. I hope this helps.

Thanks to you all for the help!!! I will get some new brakes soon.

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