How to make it more comfy...

When i ride my 426 it seems a little short, I have to bend more then i would like while standing. I already have Renthal FatBars in the RC High bend with the universal mounts... I will be getting an SDG tall seat. Im 6'3'' (still growing probably im 16)... Will the lowboy pegs help? How about some applied clamps with an offset? Any tall riders out there that can help??

Why doesn't anyone use the Ceet tall seat setup. Just asking before I purchase. :)

mxcowboy.. How much was the Guts racing seat?? Does it come with a seat cover installed?

Guts racing does not sell a complete seat it's just the foam and cover.

It was like $115.00 for the foam and cover but well worth it in my book.

Guts Racing Web Site

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