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Stuck Throttle...What a thrill!

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Howdy folks,

Been monitoring from afar,but recent events have me seeking the wisdom of the people. I opted for the XR650R over the WR mainly because I'm 6'3" 200lbs and need dual-sport duty. This sucker is a bruiser..Sure moves though. The other day (After rotating my handlebars forward significantly)I gave 'er some gas in a quick left hand turn. To my surprise, the throttle stuck and I found myself doin' cookies! Because I was in a fairly open area it really wasn't a big deal, but a pre-ride inspection would have prevented the fun. Anyway, I have a fairly basic question. Will simply adjusting the throttle freeplay solve my cable-binding problem (during hard left turns), or is something more drastic in order? Thanks all, and forgive me for invading the sanctity of Yama WoRld. Jon.

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