XR 650 inverted fork ?

I've converted my XR650R's front end with a pair of Ohlins USD forklegs.


I ride my XR on the track only, not landing any jumps, I've no worry of teh frame being stressed too much by the USD forklegs, but I wouldn't recommend using USD forklegs on a XR650R to do motocross style riding.


Your info on the XR650/ CRF450 front end is greatly appreciated.

A good friend flattened the complete front end of my bike.I have rung over 50 wreckers ( basically all ) in australia. Absolutely nothing. There is a CRF front end though. You bewty!! It hasnt helped that i am 500 miles from the closest town that has more than 2 pubs. Meaning that i havent been able to measure any different bikes etc.

So, you are definitely a champion, mate.

All the best,


Pretty happy mate?

What fork did you end up going with?

Try EBAY - for $3-400 US you'll have a complete CRF front end.

I have a set of 04 CRF forks, they come with a lifetime revalve By factor Connection. I can even send the forks back Factory and they can inspect them for you if you have any concerns. I am aksing $450 for them.

If anyone is doing this mod (crf forks on thier xr650) I'll buy your xr650r forks. email at milesdavis113@hotmail.com.

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