Police picky about dot tires on dual sport in CA.?

Anyone have any experience from Calif. and a dual sport bike with non DOT approved tires and the police? just wondering if i should get DOT tires or just get a good knobby. the only street riding my bike will be getting will just be short trips to the dirt. no commuting or cruising around. thanks.

In my opinion there are a couple of DOT tires that will out perform any off-road tire. One is the Tera-Flex and the other is the Kenda Trakmaster II. I've had many different brands, DOT and non-DOT, these two take the cake.

my cop friends have told me they can't imagine anyone being hassled over the tires, unless maybe as a factor in some sort of accident lawsuit, and that's a stretch ... probably depends where you live, and how badly you're "asking" for a citation ... :)

So many good DOT tires out there, no need to run non DOT. Dunlop 606, Pirelli MT 21 to name a couple. Loads of riding buddies are CHP and local police. No one cares about about non DOT unless you are a goof ball and look to get busted and they just want to write you up for being stupid in public (SIP). Its the non working lights, expired plates or bogus registrations they look for (and find). Steny :)

I think you are right, and i have never been one to tempt trouble, so i think i will stick to the dot tires, i have never used them before and was a little skeptical about how good they would be, but so many riders have said so much good about them, i guess they must be good tires. thanks to all who have left their info.

400 riders show up Sunday morning, Mr. Law says hold on I need to check everyones tires! I don't think so.

I have not run a DOT rear tire on any of my dual sprots since 1997. In the three times I've been pulled over, not one of them even said a word about them, and I wasn't trying to hide it either.

what were you pulled over for? just wondering.

i havent met a po po that wasnt picky

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