WR 400F no cooling fluid / starting problem

I have just bought wr 400f ‘2000 and it is may first motor. I was so happy and proud of may WR until last week. Then I experienced some problems with starting. At the beginning I thought that I do not know how to do it properly, but there was something else what disturbed me – it was very easy “to kick”, what probably means that there is problem with compression. When I was looking for source of problem I noticed that there was no cooling fluid in radiator. I do not have any idea what happened with this fluid (the oil level is OK). Could you tell me which parts I have (probably) to replace? I would like to ask you for advice where (in USA) I can buy this parts for reasonable price, because here in Poland motorbikes and parts are very expensive (for example Yamaha wr 250f ‘2005 costs about 11 500$).

Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.

Any idea when the valve clearance was checked last? That would be a good place to start. The other thing to check is disconnect the decompression lever from the engine and see if that makes a difference, maybe the cable is shot or sticking.

your two problems may be related. Overheat bike, cook piston = no compression. Like it was previously mentioned, check your valves first, then find where the water went. But I'd say you'll be pulling the top end apart anyway. You are lucky in that the 400's have serviceable valves :)

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