Jetting question

This is probably a stupid question,,, but,,, how do I know if I have the right jetting setup?

I'm in Durango, CO and ride mostly the trails around here at an elevation of 6500' but I ride Moab as well and up in the high country around 8000'...

05 WR450 with the only mods so far is the throttle stop screw shortened, the airbox snorkel removed and the plug out of the pipe...

The bike runs great as far as I can tell.. Insane power, starts easy, idles fine and no bogs at all... I hate to mess with it..


... I hate to mess with it...

Then don't! If it makes you happy and is bog free, then you are dialed. There are only two things I would do. The first is check your plug to see if your truly lean, rich or in the ballpark Then I'd get a Zip-Ty fuel screw just for adjustability if you need to down the road. That's it...SC

I agree with Steve, if it ain't broke don't fix it! But a good checking would do no harm either.

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