Street Leagal Fast and Cheap

It's not a Yamaha, it's a Hondog....bought it before I got in with the guys at Eastside Cycle, the local Yamaha shop. I eventually bought a YZ250WRA and made the XR legal...

thanks. Upon inspecting friend's XT I have decided to go with the hydraulic switch, but not the same one you bought :D - which one was yours that died?

P.S.- considering hydraulic to avoid the need to fabricate a mount above the rear brake for the switch... How did you mount yours?

Thanks :D

The hyd. was a K&S. I mouted the mech switch to the top rectifier/reg bolt, had to open the hole in the switch bracket a little bit. I used SS lock wire to connect the switch spring to the brake lever. It works great...

I didn't need to fab a mount, the switch came with a bracket, all I had to do was mount it. I'll see if the dealer has any more and get the part # if you want...

That would be excellent. :D I have a Yamaha dealer nearby.

I stopped in there yesterday, the switch is no longer available....but they had several other mech. switches. None of them came with brackets, but it'd be easy to make one from scrap sheet metal....

Thanks for checking. I really appreciate it. Will do some checking on it on the net. Thanks again. :D

yzman just posted this for me on the dualsports forum....and if you've read enough of his posts you can be assured he knows what he is talking about! Thanks again yzman:

Hey ExTex. You can get your bike legal way cheeper than the Trick dual sport kit. All you need is the following

Hydraulic brake light switch $15-20

Acerbis Mirror $15

Toggle switch $3 Radiioshack

Some wire and connectors $10 Radiioshack

DOT Kenda Trackmaster tires $75 a pair thru

Honda Kill switch $10 Honda

Radioshack Personal alarm and 9v battery $10 Radioshack

Insurance $50 thru

Here is the horn. Just wire the Honda Kill switch to the alarm. Open the alarm up and there are 2 metal tabs with wires on them. cut the metal tabs off and attach the wires to the kill switch. Instant horn.

Your rear tailight is already wired for a tailight / brakelight. You just need to splice in and wire in the hydraulic pressure switch. Pretty easy really.

The headlight is a high low bulb. But like the tailight isn't wired. Take the toggle switch and wire it in so you have high/low beam.

That should do you. $140 is way cheeper than any dual sport kit you will find.


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