01wr250 vs 05wr450

I am upgrading my wr250f to a wr450f and i was concerned about the extra weight horspower etc as i have used to the light weight and contolable power, is the new 450 feel just as light as the old 250 or would i find it difficult to adjust to the new bike as i have had the 01 for 4 years now.

Thanks in advance

I and some my buds ride the old, heavy YZ 400s and 426s that are quite a bit heavier than the new modern bikes in total and in roll center. You will easily adapt. I assume you trail ride, not MX. The bigger bike turns slightly harder in the air. I have a YZ but I have ridden a new WR450 and that girl is smooth as butter. You will shift too much the first few rides, then find yourself doing most of your riding in 1 gear. Have a great time and ride safe Brother.

my guess would be that the 05 would handle similar or better than your 01 wr250. the 01 wr in stock form act alot hever than they actuall are with that huge blob of plastic they call a tank, that prevents you from getting any wher nearr the front of the bike. not only do the newer wr's hve this but they also have a lower center of gravity. so right now your riding a bike that feels much hever than it actually is and your going to go to a bike thats hever than it feels. i dont think you have any thing to wory about

I dont think youll have a problem with the switch one bit. yamaha has been taking weight of the bike since your 01, not to mention the 05 WR450 has low seat heat, my brothers 01 WR250 always seemed very tall to me, plus youll have the E-start. My 450 although is a YZF is actaully lighter I believe than my brothers WR250. As far as power goes I doubt it would be to much for you, you will actaully be reving less than with 250. just my 2 cents

You'll notice the weight difference for sure, but the power makes up for it.

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