XR650L or XR650R With Baja Kit

Had an 2000 XR650L that worked great, ran it for 30,000km/18,000 miles

sold it (just becouse I wanted a change) got a 2004 DRZ400S and put mods on it to get it to work, 2 hot cams,head porting,stainless steel oil filter, Pro Circuit T4 exhaust, carb mods(jetting changes)Tag Fat bars, and slim taillight assy

The bike works great, BUT tops out at 158km/hr, 97mph and feels like it will blow up anywhere after 65mph

? #1

Would it be a good idea to get the XR650R and put the Baja Kit on it so I could have a more reliable liquid cooled motor to ride on the road or just get another XR650L air cooled

I do 95% on road riding but am partial to the dirt as I still race motocross and cross country and like the weight and looks of the more dirt version bikes

I could change the gearing on the DRZ and get it to work less hard, but I feel I would lose alot of my power gains

With the 650R, I could change the gearing alittle and still have loads of power and not have to do major mods

?#2What is the top speed of and XR650R?

Thanks for any input you can all help me with

Had I asked this question 1st about the DRZ, I would not have bought it

I went thru a similar dilemma a few months ago, Bought the 650L , and I am now looking for a 650R. The L is a great bike and will remain in the stable as I am a big fan of iron cyl liner air cooled proven tech motors but.... its just not sht'n'giggles fast. Dont get me wrong it will run 65-70 with ease, just wont ram air behind your eyballs like I like. Guess my kx 2 smoke has spoiled me.

I just traded my L in on an R. I had a 2005 XR650L that I jetted and did all the cheap mods not involving motor internals, and now I have a 2004 XR650R. It is stock as far as I can tell. I am waiting for the jets and needle to arrive in the mail, then I will uncork.

I rode yesterday and the XR650R stock is faster than my XR650L was when it was jetted.........And everyone says an uncorked R is much better than stock. So now I can't wait to uncork the BRP.

Go with a Dual sported XR650R, you might not need all that power, but it sure is fun.

Top speed is around 90-95 with stock gearing.

....everyone is right the uncorked difference is unbelievable to say the least, much much much faster than corked

I've never ridden a corked 650r. I kind of wish I had just so I can appreciate the uncorked 650r even more.


I am looking foward to getting rid or the 400 and getting back to a real bike

Does anyone have info on how reliable these 650's are after a few miles

I had heard there was a clutch prob with the older ones

The "Clutch Problem" was a $11 collar that would sometime seize on 2000 and 2001 maybe some 2002 bikes. Check out Eric's Pig Pen. He talks about the Clutch Bushing! Many never had a problem...and some changed it prophylacticly.



lI'll ook at that

Get the R, get a D.S. kit and don't look back.... unless, you want to see your buds on the 650L's...sorry guys I had too....LMAO!

I talked to a guy who owns both. He said if your going to ride on the street, get the L. He claims that the R will overheat in traffic even though it is watercooled. Has anyone else found this to be true?

I'd Question the fellow if his R was completely uncorked and if so properly jetted. Then 2nd would find out what he ment by overheating... Was the collant expanding into the catch tank when it got warm which is normal (some people think of it as boiling over) and could be fixed with a higher BAR radiator cap which requires higher pressures before release of fluids. Or did he have a temp gauge telling him it was too Hot...Do a search on this forum b/c it has been brought up what temp ranges these things should be at but I don't remember what they were.

Overheating was a common problem with stock R's as well as improperly jetted R's. (too lean runs too HOT) Also the stock Thermostat has been known to get stuck open I believe. As far as is overheating a common problem, yes...is it a normal problem...NO! It is preventible.

My woods riding has me slower in many spots than stitting in traffic would and I currently have no problems. I did when I bought it from a guy who tried to jet it...it'd overheat sitting for 5 min in the coldest time of Jan (only 28-30F in TN). I went to higher Bar radiator cap to prevent it from escaping. Then I skipped the jetting hassels and put an edelbrock carb on it as well as the stock radiator cap and thermostat and it can stand in 85-90F sitting still running covered in mud while helping the youngsters up a tough hill or such.

I don't have an oil dipstick thermostat but others that have say their R's generally run cooler than the L.

Again it is a common problem to overheat but it is not normal. Again Everything has limits.

Sitting still in traffic wouldn't be blowing air over the fins of an air cooled bike like it wouldn't be blowing through a radiator.

I would agree that both bikes are not designed for traffic, per se. They are both air cooled in essence. Just how the air works with the machine is the difference. If you're in traffic and there is no flow through your "air cooled head" or through your radiators..either way the motor suffers. Only difference between the R and L is that the R has the added benefit of water cooling.

Why worry about traffic, bikes always go around traffic and they shouldn't heat up while waiting for a light to change green.

Unless your XR doesn't way enough to trigger the light mechanism. Had that happend recently....kinda embarrassing.

Unless your XR doesn't way enough to trigger the light mechanism. Had that happend recently....kinda embarrassing.

Same here! I live in a quite small city (20000 ppl) so there are good chances of being all alone at a red light! At least 4 out of around 15 lights just stay red with me waiting while one car every 30 sec goes on its green.. :):)

Now I just make sure the way is clear and Ride the RED!!!

Jc whitney has a small box that will strap on to your bike to trigger traffic signals...it is legal too. :)

I talked to a guy who owns both. He said if your going to ride on the street, get the L. He claims that the R will overheat in traffic even though it is watercooled. Has anyone else found this to be true?

My R never overheats in traffic, properly jetted I use dexcool and water wetter and a proper rad. cap...................... :)

Man do I love this forum

I have made my decision to go with the 650R and street kit with all your help

It sounds like the best thing to do is uncork the old girl and do a carb change

Thanks to everyone for you input

let ya know how i make out

should be in, in a couple weeks


Ok...lets read his questions, instead of just being model loyal. If he rides 95% street, then an L is the chice for sure.

You said you jetted your last L, but didnt say you added a good pipe and filter, cam, removed smog etc. Jetting a stock bike aint gonna do squat.

Buy an R, I dont give a rats....but I am sure the L is better suited for longer and more often (95%) street riding. More comfortable, no kicking....come on !

Anyway... this me against you stuff is just plain TARDED !

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