XR650L or XR650R With Baja Kit

I quess I really wanted people to tell me the R was the better choice

I had an L and enjoyed it alot and woulds have to spend alot of money to make it have the power that the R has

The R is easier to take apart to mantain, has liquid cool for more durability, sub frame, more power to start with

Yes the street kit will cost me about $500.00, and a pipe will cost me $500.00, this only puts me a few $$$ over a slighty modified L and have an R that works better

I am 95% street at this time, but love the heavier dirt version bikes

If I did not ride aggresively I would just stick with the L, but just thought the R was better

Thanks for all the ideas

So what do ya think now?

Thanks guys

I love my R. Depends on the riding you're doing. If I rode mostly paved roads and highway I would have had to seriously consider the L, but I rarely touch the streets other than the occasional dirt road so my R is perfect. I have seen some pretty sweet bikes that have motarded. The R will work great on the street if you're willing to do the mods you are talking about and you will love it! Good luck!

right on

my idea was just simply is the R durable for the street if you put the kit on it

I love the dirt, but use the bike to run back and forth to work and hit the side of the roads alot back and forth

The R must handle better and feel lighter than the L or am I just thinking this in hopes

Had the L for 3 years and put 30,000 km on it and have not had the opertunity to ride the R

Just really want to know the difference in the power

The mods are something I would do with any bike from a TTR125 to a CR500, so why not do a few on a 650


Yes the street kit will cost me about $500.00, and a pipe will cost me $500.00, this only puts me a few $$$ over a slighty modified L and have an R that works better

You don't need a $500 pipe, just buy the HRC tip, or drill your stock one and you'll make the same power, or at least so close that you could never tell the difference.

The baja kit isn't needed either. I'm working on an XR650R DS project currently, and am adding a mirror, brakelight, plate. Thats about all I need in Colorado. Technically you're supposed to have a horn as well. This state doesn't require blinkers.

Thanks for the tip on the pipe

That will save some coin

I really need to put the entire kit to the bike as I require the blinkers and the horn here

I played with that idea 1st, but it is easier to just get the kit


I love my 650R with the BD kit. But, can you still street license them where you live? I'm in Calif. and last year they changed the law so no more dirt bikes get street licenses. bummer. mike

In 1985 they changed it so that no dirt bike could be licenced without blinkers/horn

But BD kits give eveything to make it right for the street

It is always best to check with the dealer to get the safty done on the bike than go to the department of motor vehicals after you get insurance

Real pain, but I think totally worth it

Nova Scotia Cananda

With all of this conversion stuff, I've just decided that I'm going to eventually just buy an R and keep my L. I've got enough love for both of them. They really shouldn't force us to choose our love between the two. It really hurts :)

Instead of getting a streetbike, get a dual sport and a pure offroad bike. I like my L better on the road than the Harley I had, that's for sure. And you'll get 55mpg!

How many of you that own dualsported XR'S have put high miles on them? What kind of problems have you had with reliability?

I had a modded XR650L a while back and now have a DRZ400S.

You're right to say that the DRZ feels like its stressed after 65-70. I actually was worried about its long term capabilities until I drove another TTer's KTM 640 LC4 which shook me so bad that it put my ass and feet numb in about 5 miles at 65-70 mph.

You could gear a XR650R to get more top end speed out of it, but then you will have to slip the clutch more in the tight stuff off road. I had geared my XR650L lower, as the stock gearing was a bit too high for the mud, but after doing so it was similar to the DRZ and ran out of revs at about 92-95 mph.

A cheap solution: I say spend $5 on a decent set of earplugs so you don't have to listen to the DRZ motor scream. Dual sport is a big compromise, and what works off road isn't always best for the street (i.e. tires, gearing, tiny folding mirrors, etc.)

Or an expensive solution: Buy a street bike for your 95% highway urges and a dedicated dirt bike for the motorcrosser in you.

It would be good to gear you DRZ400 to handle the higher speeds.

How many of you that own dualsported XR'S have put high miles on them? What kind of problems have you had with reliability?

None............Mine still hauls ass everyday, and my right hand is stuck in the full throttle position...................... :):):D

My XR650L at 30,000km/18000miles

The only probs I had-compression was down of course, but still ran strong and only burnt alittle oil

The major prob was the counter shaft rod started to wear out, the sproket would move back and forth

This is the reason for the sale,buy the time I put $1400.00 Can. into a new counter shaft/bore out/cam and tensioners/gaskets ect to freashen up the bike/

I just decided to trade in for another $600.00

Why not bike that is 4 years newwer/30,000 less kms

Other than just naturally wore items, the counter shaft was the other worry

2nd responce

I have my DRZ400S for street and trail

I have a YZ250 for the dirt

I race motocross and love the dirt, but as funny as it is to say this, I am just to lazy to load up a dirt bike to go trail ridin, we hit alot (95%) dirt, but every once and a while we have to follow a road and I want to keep the police away

This is why I want the XR650R

If I had the extra money it would be this

mmmm shadow 750 for the back and forth to work

XR650R with light kit for the trail

and my YZ250 for dirt only

just got to save the little extra for the other bike I quess

I'm also thinking of dual sporting a 650R. What kind of service interval is required on an R used on the road (as compared to an L)? I hope you're not having to do oil changes every third ride to work?

Hey, where do you guys live that your allowed to do 92 - 95 mph on the roads. If you go with a 15 tooth counter sprocket on the R it will clear 100 mph. That is with the stock carb and the power up kit installed. But again, where are you allowed to do that? :applause:

For 3 years, loved my L, this year I finished building an R for Motard and the L now just sits in the garage, still like it but every minute on the R is 3 times as much fun, anyone who rides it has trouble getting their helmets off because of the big grin on their faces.

Ride something else to work and live while you are riding the R. ( I've had 'em all)

I'm running 15/47 on mine (uncorked, with a Pro-Circuit T-4 complete setup) and with a FULL tank of gas (3.2 gals) and the wind behind me, I can hit at least 108.....had to slow down at that point to fight the speed wobbles :applause:

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