KLX 650 not idling.. hard starting...backfiring

Well I've almost had it... "did I buy the wrong bike..?" I've had the carb off 3 times... cleaned it completely.. checked for leaks (Inlet manifold). check gas flow from tank through filter into carb... chk'd float level... and it's still hard to start... idles like crap(if at all) and backfires on deceleration..??

What am I over looking?? I'm dying to get off road.. but there's not way I'll be taking it anywhere like this.. :):)

Maybe you need to check for weak spark. Had an fj 1100 that was a beotch to start cold. Turned out to be weak spark on a cold start. Have you checked your plug, timing, spark when kicking it over? Just ideas...

How old is the bike? Have to checked the valves recently?

Ya... I think you may have the only thing left to check.. although everytime I had my carb off I double chk'd the spark (by grounding the plug on the frame) I think I'll just replace the coil and spark wire.. :) Do you know of any quick chk on the spark system... other than just checking if there is spark..more what is the quality of the spark??

One thing I did forget to mention, is that it runs fine when the throttle is turned at all.... it's the second I let off is when it starts to backfire.

Is backfiring the sign of being too lean..or too rich..?

Confused...... :)

Did it run good before, and gradually or suddenly start running bad? You might want to double check the pilot jet circuit for obstructions, i.e. pilot jet and pilot air intake in inlet bell of carb. Clean out with brake cleaner spray followed by blast of air from air compressor.

It started suddenly ..no warning.... I'll give the carb a thorrow clean.. see if that helps.??

This guy who owned if before me painted the tank and neglected to cover the gas inlet hole... So since the day I got it I've been dealing with overspray making its way throw the fuel system.. I thought I got control of it?? I put a good inline filter and cleaned the tank as good as I could.. any suggestions on how to better clean the tank.??? I used toluene...

Does anyone know the proper position for the idle mixture screw.?? I currently have it approx. 2.5 turns out from tight..

Oh.. the bike is a 95' and the last valve adjusting was 2 years ago Along with a complete rebuild....not sure what the odometer read then... now it reads..45000Km

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