Can I use the DTM for a while?

I am changing to YZ timing right now... as we speak. Getting the Keyboard all greasy :) I have a DVP ordered, but can I use my stock DTM for to take it for a spin? Any word on where to put it? I was thinking about leaning out the DTM 2 clips, but will I hurt anything? I just want to fart around our parking lot, and see how she feels, no major riding... Thanks.

Most people use stock jetting YZ timed without a problem as-is. Clip #3 is common on the DTM. Adjust the pilot screw only if you need to and go roost. :)

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I switched to yz timing last year on my plated wr400 99. From what I've read on this forum, the dvp was better than the stock canadian dxm (which is the same as the dtm but clip posiion changed). I'm using a megamax with the quiet core and just 6 plate to keep sound low which is unusual here on the forum. After lots of trial on many jets, it seems for me that the dxm work better than the dvp. The dvp leave a hole in the 1/8 to 1/4 throttle that's less present with the dxm.


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