Pix of typical low mileage,clutch bushing wear on 650R

I have a year 2000 BRP bought in 2004 with only 1300kms on it!!! I changed the bushing at about 5000kms(can`t remember!).It cost about €25.00. As can be seen the original colour of the bushing is slate grey(the same as the revised one),and where it is still grey is where the oil was getting to the bushing and providing a film of lubrication between the bushing and the clutch housing. Where it is shiny is where the bushing was experiencing some wear against the clutch housing,no doubt after prolonged wear it would `weld` itself to the clutch housing.

The new bushing has extra holes drilled where the shiny part is,as seen on my old bushing,thus allowing oil to travel to this area and provide lubrication. The old bushing has two lubrication holes only,drilled opposite each other,in the machined out groove.

When changing the bushing use a new clutch housing centre nut.It seems to be made of a hardened metal.I tried to use it again by bending the tab back and it `pinged` off around the workshop!!!!....so order it when ordering the bushing:for all the cost it was. :)




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