POLL on Oil Cast your VOTE!

Valvoline 20W-50 4 stroke motorcycle oil. Specifically for wet clutches. Zero problems.

Well I just put in 1.80 qts. of Valvoline 20w-50, I will run it this weekend @ Kentuk ORV, (if anyone is in the area come on over we will be there @ 7:00 am PM me if interested) and then I will change the oil next weekend. Clutch felt smoother, but we will see what oil smells like when ran hard. She is atleast a base 3 aromatic, smells very similiar to Castorl 0w-40 made in Germany. Next change will be Rotella T, and we will go from there. Cya

fun place been there many times...........park service used to sound check there - have fun and hope the rain doesn't get you.... :)

AMSOIL 20-50 motorcycle oil keeps my clutch working right all day no more mid ride adjustments

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