kenda carlsbad tire

Michelin M12 - It is a great tire and looks like new after 200 miles

I'll second the vote for the Michelins :) I have used Dunlop 756 with good reults also but they just didnt wear as good as the Michelins.

You'll find that topics similar to this like.....oil......gas....etc , seem to be a matter of personal reference and usually get some of the folks going on here :)

maxxis it used to use michelin years ago with excellent results but theyre more than a maxxis considerably

Bridgestone M602 is excellent in my opinion... it gets awsome traction and lasts a super long time.


Nothing outlasts a Maxxis.

I just put a set of Pirelli MT 32's. I love them. I hear they wear pretty well also.

I got a Michelin MS2 Starcross, and she can't clean out to save her life when I cross a creek at my local trail ( it is in a floodplain and full of black mud), any suggestions, before you lash me let me say this " I know its a f*c$ing moto tire"

I would second the Maxxis IT. I just got one, Haven't mounted it yet, but a vast number of people and Motocross Action Magazine's technical staff rave about it also.

I finally tried the new Michelin StarCross MS3 both Front and rear. Wow is all I can say. For IT terrain and tracks they are awesome. Durability looks to be great. It is the most $ I have ever spent on a set of tires but well worth it. I have had Maxxis, Kenda, Dunlop and Bridgestone and these are awesome.

Nothing outlasts a Maxxis.

That's a crap statement. Wanna see my Maxxis IT with 200 miles? It's already in the junk pile. :)

It is hard to beat a Maxxis IT for the longest wear and I have used them for 3 years. I am currently running the Michelin MS3 on my CR as I think it hooks up a bit better than the Maxxis and the wear is still respectable. I would rather trade a little wear for going down in the loose stuff. I ride desert so I am not really worried about its self cleaning powers.


Maxxis IT is a good tire for the rear. I get alot of miles out of mine, but the Maxxis IT front tire is not. Knobs started tearing off pretty quick.

I just put the Maxxis IT on the rear and a M12 on the front of my 426 based on all the favorable reports from TT'rs and magazine tests, We'll see how they work.

BTW, what ever happened to what used to be the gold standard in MX tires, the Metzeler 4.50 x 18?

The Maxxis IT will outlast 2 or more D756's. They are some heavier, but the trade-off is worth it to me.

Straight line traction is better in most situations than the 756, and the Maxxis corners about the same. Whereas a 756 wears rapidly over the first few rides, and then seems to hang on for a while in a half-worn state, after the first one or two rides, the IT looks like it won't ever wear, then seems to wear faster as it goes past 50% usable.

If my curiosity ever gets great enough, I might one day try another tire. :)

Maxxis IT here too.

I just mounted a Dunlop D773 and after one weekeng it has considerable wear on it. I am happy with the hook up but not its longevity.

Anyone else have Dunlop wear issues?

Maxxis IT here too.

Wow, I can't believe how different my experience is with this POS tire. I bought three of them back in March for me, my brother and my nephew. The only one that isn't worn out is my brother's because he is not an aggressive rider and rides only about a third as much as us. Mine chunked up on the first ride and by the third the square edges were so rounded off that the tire was practically unusable. My nephew has hated this tire on his 2-stroke almost from day one. I'll say this, on the track it is an awesome tire when new, but I don't buy an intermediate tire just to use it on a track. :)

Michelin M12 - It is a great tire and looks like new after 200 miles

I use M12 up front and S12 in back.

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