trade 19" wheel for 18"?

I have a near perfect conditon 19" rear wheel that I am looking to trade for your 18"... must be in fairly decent shape but I am a fairly hard rider so scratches and dirt don't bother me too bad..

anyone interested?


i might be intrested,racing flat track this summer and was thinking of running a 19" front and rear...PM me and maybe we can work something out...


I will send you a pm later today....

if you can try to post some pics of your wheel and I will do the same....

Wow, that's bad timing. I was looking for a 19" for a couple of weeks. I have 2 sets of wheels and would've gladly traded one of my 18's. I finally bought one on Ebay so now I'll have 3 rear wheels. I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

ckeck pm

is this gone yet... ??

nothing has happend yet... dbone has an 18" wheel from a '03 and we don't know if they will swap for sure yet, as I have an '01... maybe still up for grabs....

i have a wheel off a 02.. :) i can have it in vegas next weekend.. :)

hey isbb are you still interested? I sent you a pm..

pics of wheel... a shot of each side and the 2 closeups are the worst scratches on the wheel..





I also took a small video with my digital camera that shows it spinning on an axle so you can see how true it is, but I have no way of hosting it... although I can email it...

pm me if you are interested or email to

still avalible.....

:) nobody? :)

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