Hot Start Lever Stuck

Hey guys,

Well, it's been about 6 months since I injured my knee. I haven't ridden my WR450 for a while, but today I started it up and ran it for a while. When I turned it off, I used the hot start to crank it up later. Well, I guess it's been sitting too long, cause the hot start lever stuck open when I pulled it back.

How do you free up this device?



Pull it off the carb, take off the plunger and the spring and lube the cable from top to bottom. Put it back together and lube the plunger and spring. Make sure there's no crap in the hole when you stick it back in. Sounds like you may want to give your carb a good going through and cleaning as well...SC

Thanks Steve. I will check it out.

Happy trails.


I have been using this electric hot start system for the last year and a half with no problems. :) With the stock system I had problems with water and mud traveling down the cable and fouling the bore of the hot start. :)

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