New bars

I bent my stock bars last weekend! I am wondering what people prefer and where you would get them. I tend to buy online for most things if I can get them shipped to me for the same total as going to a shop.

Depending on your height and personal preferences, most people seem to prefer either the CR-Hi bend (tall people) or CR Mid bend Aluminum bar. The other thing to consider is wether to go with conventional 7/8" bars, or "fat" bars. has a good selection of fat bars with reasonable prices. But if you go with a fat bar, you have to buy a mounting adapter. This can range from an inexpensive "Tusk" adapter from rockymountain for around $30, or a complete new top triple clamp for $200. And....keep in mind that if you do go with the fat bars, some adapters raise your bars by an inch. Check it out, it isn't nearly as complicated as I somehow managed to make it seem.

I went the cheap option an got some tag bars which was about $75 US they are great had a crash at reasonable speeds and they didn't bend. I was considering pro tapers but couldn't afford them, i wish I had of just been patient and got them thou as they look so F@CKEN awesome! If looks don't worry you got for a $75 dollar set of tags or renthals they are still quite strong, but if you want stile get the tapers

One thing:

Don't go cheap bars. I did and bent them in about a week. I currently have a set of Renthal "Jimmy Button Replica" (Enduro High bend) on there. and they are alright. Too short still though.

and to BrettJ, my Renthals were only $90, not that much more then your "cheap" bars. The cheap ones I put on were ~$40 IIRC.

the cheapest one we can generally get here in Western Australia is about 100 AUS -110 AUS guess thats about 80 or so us probably the same bars, and I do consider them cheap bars when the cheapest pro tapers a 160 AUS and adapters are 80 AUS


didn't read that you were an Aussie. Makes more sense now :)

Renthal Fat bars, RC high bend with a 1/2 inch cut off each end.... :)

I just got the Pro Taper CR Bend. I like them much better than the stock bars. Whole new feeling when riding!

Pro tapers Taperwall EA 70 aluminum 1 1/8" bars, Windham bend (tallest) with the universal adaptor mounts. Love them. $80 bars, $40 adaptor, $15 bar pad.

Pro taper also makes the same bar out of a softer aluminum (2014) called the Contour Taperwall for $62 at bobs cycle supply and it comes with the bar pad but you still need the adaptor. Just another option for you. Good luck with your choice.

I bent my stock bars last weekend! I am wondering what people prefer and where you would get them. I tend to buy online for most things if I can get them shipped to me for the same total as going to a shop.

I Use The Flexx Bars. And Like Them Very Much.

There A Little Crud Looking And Take A short Time To Get Used To But Work Very Well.

They Take All The Small Chop Out Of Your Ride.

We Recently Did 650 Miles In Two Days High speed And Low.Only 29 Miles Of Paved Road.

Had No Arm Pump And Felt Good Afterward. Give Them A Look. :):)

I just installed the Pro-Taper CR/High bends on my 03 XRL last weekend using the adapters to fit the huge bars. It was quite a difeerent feeling and I am quikly getting used to it and love the bars and their awesome look. Logged about 30mi offroading so far, one small crash at the top of a steep rocky hill, no damage. I reccomend the best...Pro-Tapers.

I got them from a TT member who works at a cycle shop for half price :)

i am getting new bars also i have been looking at everyones i could the jimmy button were to straight compared to stock on the 600 but i liked the highness of them but i will be going with stock they have been good to me for what i put them threw i throw it down on a regular bases and never bent them yet i like how they are swept back to me and plus they are only 40 bucks

so stock is best for me

I got some 909 7/8" bars. I wanted to go with a fat bar setup because it looks so sweet, but I cheaped out in the end, if you can call $85.00 cheap. If you're tall look into the mini bends too. I think my are the mini high. Taller, narrower and less sweep. Me likey :)

Thanks for all of the input! I guess I have some investigation to do.


i will sell you my stock bars, i have protapers on now.

Do any of you tall riders have any suggestion for a 89 XR600R ,I'm 6'4'' and the stock bars were way to low . I put the ones off of mr XR500 and it was better but they still need to be taller . Any imput would be helpful

Try the Pro Taper CR high bend.You will need to get the clamps for them. It should raise your bars a good 4". I like my set-up vs. the stock bars. Go to your local shop and check out the different styles and bends, I'm sure you will find somthing that works for you :)

With the taller bars, do they mess up the cables (routing or length), I don't want to buy longer cables due to a taller bar.

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