01wr250f vs 05wr450f

I am upgrading my wr250f to a wr450f and i was concerned about the extra weight horspower etc as i have got used to the light weight and contolable power, is the new 450 feel just as light as the old 250 or would i find it difficult to adjust to the new bike as i have had the 01 for 4 years now.

Thanks in advance

if you can ride your 250 , you will have no problem riding a 450.

I came from a YZ 250 to my 450, and I haven't had any problems so far (400 miles). The 450 is so well balanced, it handles like a dream. As far as the power increase goes, you probably won't see any difference off of the showroom floor because of the throttle screw. But once you pop that baby out, hold on to your handlebars cause the bike rips. I'd suggest riding a couple times with the bike completely stock, then remove your baffle out of the exhaust and go on a couple of rides, then switch out your throttle screw and go for a little while with that because it makes the biggest difference, then finally disconnect your gray wire that controls the timing and you will have gone through a nice transition to get you comfortable with the bike

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