new gytr ais removal kit.

Has anyone heard of this kit?

the guys at yamaha in phoenix told me the kit comes with

all the plugs plus main and pilot jets and the needle needed

for all of the.

under $40.00

for a 05 wr 450

I for one have not heard of this. I wouldn't think Yamaha would make an official kit to bypass the emissions plumbing. If it's for real, then great! :)

I'll bet the dealer copied Lowedogs kit, threw in some jets and is selling them on the side. See if the kit has an official Yamaha part number, then you'll know if it's authentic. Removing the AIS is on my to-do list.

The GYT-R kit has been around for awhile. I actually have a Yamaha TSB that one of the guys who had bought my kit sent me. Their kit does not remove the fittings and plug the holes. It simply offers some rubber caps to cap the fittings. The kit does come with a needle, doesn't say which one, and a #48 pilot jet.


I was aware too.. My dealer said they've been of back order for sometime now. The Lowedog kit is the only way to go.. :)

thanks for the info

I have my lowedog kit on order

along with the jd jet kit

thanks guys

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