I'm looking to pick up a 426

I'm looking to pick up a 02 426 in the near future. I don't mind driving but I live in VA, so anything west coast would be too far to drive.

I have two bikes that I would be willing to put towards trade if anyone is interested. 1998 YZ 125 and an 2001 YZ 250.

I have searched alot on this topic and was wondering what to look for on the 426 problem wise and what prices you paid for or sold yours for? Thanks for all your help.

You can email me at dirteater00@ yahoo


Well I have been riding 426's a long time, last week I scored one. I found it on E-bay local to me and I won the auction, now, I don't give a Bovine Excrement that that completes the sale. So I drove out and looked the Bike over meticulously.

1st if 00 ask what have they done about the carb bog problem if nothing chances are he's a puss and you need to walk.

2nd Has Motor been opened and why

3rd When were the Bushings and wheel bearings replaced?

4th If 00 what about clutch basket mis-design, if no fix, walk he's a puss.

Just use common sense think about what you would have done if you had owned the bike and then ask buddy those questions.

5th AND MOST IMPORTANT (at least to me) are the hubs like new (granted that they haven't been replaced) that my friend tells volumes about someones care of the bike! (according to me, but Hell I have OCD just kidding) :)

the bog thing is bs :),.... wait for the power for like an extra milisecond! :)

i have an 01 426 for sell 2500.00 many many extras and have all stock parts. if interested pm me

You'll love the 426. Mine is a 2000, but it kicks ass. As for the bog, I agree with Jamie...the bog is bs. You'll neck will be broken before you feel the bog.

Also, it's reliable as can be. I just kicked mine over for the first time in over a month, (I've been out of town), and it started up on the 2nd kick. Best bike ever!

I love my bike. Ask the guy how many hours he's ridden it. Look at the wear on the frame, ignition/clutch covers, and the kick starter. It's pretty easy to tell whether or not he's lying. And ask the question the other guy said to ask. Mine's a bit worn but it works great. Have fun when you get it. Long live the YZF :)

i have a fairly stock 02 426 (only got a hotcam in it) and i love it !!!

With the reported bog? I have not had that issue luckily. When i crack the throttle its stands straight up.

They are excellent bike and very reliable from what i have read on this forum. Cant go wrong. Good luck :)

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